Tony Thomas

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About Tony Thomas

Tony comes from an athletic background, having thrived in sports throughout his life. His energy and experience as a trainer, ensure your training will be interesting and out of the ordinary. Not only does his approach ensure results but also guarantees you will have fun. He is trusted by clients such as: Carlos Boozer, Tyrese Gibson and more. Tony is on a mission to help everyone have an opportunity to embrace fitness and get you where you want to be.

Tony's Upcoming Activities:

Full Body Bootcamp

Thu, Apr 18, 7:00pm

CoreT4 HIIT Sweat Sesh

Sun, Apr 21, 11:00am

Free Magenta Bootcamp

Mon, Apr 22, 5:30pm

BTG HIIT & Boxing

Wed, Apr 24, 6:30pm

Full Body Bootcamp

Thu, Apr 25, 7:00pm

Free Magenta Bootcamp

Mon, Apr 29, 5:30pm

Ratings & Reviews

It's always an amazing work out with Tony
Great work out thanks again. You should bring flyers or something. People always stop me after asking about you and the class. 💪🏽
Find Abby Dosie. Love this class, always a winner!